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Hi! : )

It’s meee! Nnenna-Simone, owner of NS.Kosmetics. 


Thank you for visiting my website, browse around and you’ll be amazed to find a product here for your skin type.


To cut a long story short, I have been dreaming, and I mean DREAMING about having my own skincare line for YEARS, since I was like...... 11 years old. In all honesty, I am such a beauty girl. I have always been into doing all types of things with myself, whether that be changing my hairstyles, making lipsticks or coming up with a formula to cure a rash on my skin. Doing my hair, and taking care of my skin have always been a way for me to cope with my stress or anger. I believe that self-care is so so important because people really forget about THEMSELVES. Sometimes you don’t even realize what taking care of your skin and body does for both you and your mental health! Just taking the time to breathe and have “me” time one or more times a week, Sooo important. When you feel good, you look even better, and this is what my brand STANDS on! Skincare IS Self-care. Period. 

Now, I have always had different products in mind that I wanted to formulate, but of course, being a wimp, I pushed my thoughts and ideas to the back of my brain because I had zero intentions on starting my business in 2020. Honestly, my plan was to wait until I graduated college with a Chemistry degree THEN start my skincare line. Months later, my best friend and I had a conversation, admiring and congratulating other black YOUNG & WINNING entrepreneurs, I then realized what in the world am I waiting for???? What if this business can really change my life???? What if i can actually do what i love at such a young age???? I have always been so afraid of my own potential, but i am so sick and tired of being afraid y’knoww???

So, with that being said, here we are, and here we go.

Thank you guys so much for supporting me, i literally could cry,

little ole me. 

nvm. I am crying....

Much Love,